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About Us

Master Contracting, Inc.


Master Contracting, Inc. was founded in 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia with the goal of ethical, integrity, professionalism and customer satisfaction. Since its establishment, we have carried out hundreds of projects in the construction sector such as fire damage restoration, flood restoration, remodeling and general construction.

Our commitment to our customers is to consistently communicate with our customers, maintain consistency in our work, and provide our customers with the best quality with a constant passion.

There is no job that is too big or too small for the experts at Master Contracting Inc. Our service professionals are all highly trained, continually educated, and licensed. That means that we have made the investment in our team, our equipment, and in the future of your home or business.

Best Quality

We work closely with our customers to provide the best quality and service in the way that best suits their unique needs. We focus on the technical skills needed to build quality projects in a cost-effective and tailored way by creating a detailed schedule for the construction. Every construction project requires a lot of technology, regardless of size, so we work with a team with expertise to carry out the project. We do our best to improve our quality and efficiency by providing real and satisfactory service to our customers.

Master Contracting Inc appreciates the choice of the contractor and will reward you with customer satisfaction and best quality