Our Main Services

We are the highest value provider of global construction services and technical expertise

Reconstruction/Fire Damage Restoration

•Due to our broad range of expertise and our highly trained staff, we’re able to serve your needs with complete satisfaction as soon as possible.
•We fulfill many different construction needs, including but not limited to; demolition, entire rebuilds, plumbing, welding, concrete & stone work, roofing, patio and deck, flooring, and gutter work
•When fire damages your property or home, Master Contracting inc. provides the complete package of total restoration services including: water evacuation, cleaning, electrical work, insulation, and sheetrock replacement.

General Construction Services

• We provide estimating, project management, following building guidelines and regulations, client communication, providing materials and equipment and hiring specialized subcontractors for the build.
• With finished plans and specifications already available, our company can mobilize quickly to meet your critical schedule

Construction Management Services

• Construction Management is the end-to-end planning, coordination, and management of a construction project.
• Our services include planning and project management, estimating and budgeting, permitting, design and development, prequalification processes for designers, general contractors and subcontractors, job scheduling, and preconstruction through construction.

Design-Build Services

• We offer a unique opportunity to maximize your savings and simplify the construction process.
• Our construction teams work in adjoining offices, so communication is streamlined and the teams work in tandem to bring you value-engineered solutions throughout your project.
• We also have design-build experience working with other architecture firms, if your design team is already in place.